Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Feeling bored?
Wanna go back in time?
Relive your kindergarten time?
Where all you worried about were if you had enough crayons?
Enough colours?
So you could SCRIBBLE!

If you are, then play this game.
It's somewhat addictive..
although the game plan is simple
You just have to use your virtual crayon
and join the dots!

This is the highest score I got so far.
Think you can beat it?

I'm not sure if there's such thing as a Level Four Scribbler..
If you get there, tell me kay?
But you must be some seriously good scribbler to get there
'Cause I had to join dots like mad to get Level Three..

Yea..I'm definitely bored..

Monday, January 26, 2009

*ang pows?*

Friday, January 9, 2009


Well, that's the last of my posts about my trip to Vietnam
Are you bored yet?
I promise to blog about nicer things la (if there's any)
Anyway, here are the links to all things Vietnam

Comments appreciated!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

on my list..

-On My List-

Ok, so I've eaten lots and lots of food in Vietnam
(put on some extra pounds too =/)
Some were extremely good
and well, some were just..

So, here are the 3 places I ate at which made it to my top 3 list


Caravelle Hotel

-Hotel ma
-Really the best buffet ever la (at least it's the best I've ever eaten so far)
-Fresh seafood (pick your own for the chef to cook)
-Lots and lots of choice!

Very fresh seafood
Still alive and kicking!

Feast your eyes!

(I know la. E&O also got ma but..)

Scrumptious dessert

Check it out
No ler it's not part of the buffet but..
Nice deco, no?

Santas greets you at the gingerbread house's doorstep

A peek inside..
More Santas!

Cute cute cute
That's all I can say

Au Lai do Brazil

-Steak house
-Eat all you can
-Unique way of serving
-I love meat!

Rating for all : 5/5

Ythao Garden in Hue

-Fixed menu (no need to 'thao tia' and choose)
-The ambience
-Interesting local entertainment
-Good food

Spring roll decorated on formed peacock
Rating : 5/5

Vegetable soup
Rating : 4/5

Steamed shrimp
Rating : 4/5

Hue's specialty pancake
Rating : 3/5

Mixed salad fig
Rating : 5/5

This is the way to you do it

Mixed steamed lotus rice
Rating : 2/5

Grilled beef
Rating : 4/5

Green bean cake formed fruit
(I know it doesn't look edible but trust me, it's good!)
Rating : 5/5

My Top Drinks

Kept me alive and awake there

(er sorry la no picture)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

mouth-watering food? ii

-Mouth-Watering Food? II-

Hue specialties

Young jackfruit salad
Rating : 4/5

Rating : 3/5

Rating : 2/5

Grilled pork with rice paper
Roll it..

I know la
My wrapping skills not very good
Rating : 2/5

Spring roll
Rating : 4/5

Crabby ain't crappy
Rating : 4/5

Nha Trang specialties

Their way of barbeque
Rating : 2/5

Erh don't ask me why Nha Trang no specialties
Or maybe got but I didn't eat any


Oh yea, I remember now..
I ate lots of seafood in Nha Trang
Seafood here and seafood there
No difference la

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

mouth-watering food?

-Mouth-Watering Food?-

Ho Chi Minh specialties

Ok so I don't remember most of the names
Hey I don't have super memory, alright? only get pictures and ratings
(and the occasional names if I remember)

Rating : 2/5

Rating : 3/5

Rating : 2/5

Yes, I was craving for pork
(two weeks without it)
But this was just disappointing
Rating : 3/5

Hoi An specialties

White rose
Rating: 5/5

Spring roll
Rating : 4/5

Grilled beef in la-lot leaves
Rating : 4/5

Fried wonton
Rating : 4/5

Vietnam pancake
Rating : 3/5

Noodles (i think)
Rating : 2/5

Shrimp porridge
Rating : 5/5

Hey I remembered most of the Hoi An specialties!
They're my fav

Monday, January 5, 2009

the R.U.F

-The Random-

-The Unique-

-The Funny-

If you can't spot the funny in this picture,
click to enlarge

Lift : Hi I'm a FRIENDLY LIFT.
Let's make friends!

Restaurant Hang Me?

Lame cafe
Really lame lo..