Saturday, May 31, 2008

oops! i did it again

i broke my retainers. AGAIN.

um for those of you who dunno what retainers are, they are the things you wear after you wear braces? to hold your teeth in the position you want them in? yeah, those.
i broke it the first time beginning of this year.
at the left side.
it cost my mom rm50 to get it fixed.
and she told me the next time i broke it, i'd have to pay for it myself.
which is exactly why i can't tell her.
because i am broke.
actually i broke it again quite long ago.
but the damage wasn't bad.
it was still wearable.
so i didn't care about it too much.
then on monday, the wire behind freakishly twisted into a position i never imagined possible.
erhx it wasn't exactly wearable anymore.
so i decided to only wear it at night when i go to sleep.
after all it's only two months left, then i don't have to wear them 24 hours.
so yeah it went well.
until this morning(or rather yesterday morning) i ate honeymelons with it.
well i usually wear it when i eat.
but on this unlucky morning, it had to break.
it just had to.
and then just now, the broken part just had to fall into the sink hole.
it just had to.
and now i cannot, or rather, dare not, see dr. ang(my ortodontist) anymore.
i shall not remind my mother about the appointment due in 2 months time.
and if she remembers, i shall have to find a way to persuade her not to go.
and hopefully, i shall succeed.
i can't believe i have just written such a long post about my damn retainers.
well it's just my luck.

*hope you don't get disgusted =)*

Sunday, May 25, 2008


i just came back from lunch at miss saigon in e-gate..having vietnamese food makes me miss vietnam so much..i wanna go back there again..sigh..

the spoon (which is very hard 2 eat with considering how flat it is n how little it can scoop) and chopsticks

what my mom ate - grilled cat fish in banana leaf

what i ate - baked beef in bamboo tube

what my sis ate - chicken n prawn paste in 'la lot' leaf

miss saigon platter

all in all what i can say is..if u wanna eat vietnam food, go to vietnam..miss saigon's 'vietnam' food is so not the real thing..i mean the food isn't that bad la..but after eating the real thing u probably wouldn't eat this again..

gosh i really miss vietnam ler..hopefully i can go back n visit my daddy there again =)

Friday, May 2, 2008

monkey beach!!!

sori din update yday..after hikin straight hit da bed d(of coz bath 1st laa...) well its nt dat bad after all..i mean i reali din wanna go cox hv 2 sleep ma..sleep is veri important wan least dey changed da time 2 7am instead of 6.30 2 meet at da market so i at least i can sleep until 6 :) so at 7am my fam, me, mich n her mom met at sum market(mt erskine market i tink??dunno oso ler) aunty irene, mary, jenny, hooi leng n uncle pete was dere adi..den mabel n her fam came..i ate 2 BANANAS..its suppose 2 boost my stamina n reduce muscle aches..i guess it helped cox i dun hv body ache 2day unlike da last time we wen :) at bout 7 sumting, we drove 2 mukahead dere..veri far..past tropical spice garden..after registering, we started hiking..

eh y uncle james scratching his head???

group photo b4 da hike

it took about an hour 4 us 2 reach monkey beach(yes dats da name) dis time it was high tide so we had 2 use a longer so many lalang n mosquitos!!arh!!i got 2 bites..owh yea luckily dis time no monkey attack!!last time while we were halfway hiking got monkey jump on my dad's bag n try 2 steal da packet of junk food hanging on his freaky..yea so we reach monkey beach..n sexy was still dere!!sexy was da name we gave dis dog dat lived cox he's black!

sexy is sexy ;)

den d adults started 2 eat..char bihun, nasi lemak, biscuits, or kuih..all oso got la..hmm actually hike 4 an hour oso no use ler..we eat d double da calories!!so we were collecting seashells n catching crabbies..yea i caught alot!!at least 6-7!!whee!!last time we wen i din manage 2 catch dis time we caught quite alot n put dem in a bottle(but b4 we wen bac we let go la)

c da crabby so small n cuuutttee!!

its so sad dat da sea is getting so dirty!!so much rubbish n foam..wanna play water oso so geli la..haiz

the blackies

frolicking at the beach xD

catching crabbies

wheee!!dere oso got SWING ar!!

eating char bihun..gainin calories..

c all da tired ppl after we hike bac frm monkey beach..oni i got energy 2 pose!me fit xD

after we finished hiking, we went 2 eat indian food!!heheh more calories 2 gain ler..moz of us ate banana leaf..veri appetising after such a tiring hike..