Friday, June 27, 2008

a week ago..

ok so hui lynn asked me to blog about this. she's not here to read it but well, i'll do it anyway. this happened exactly a week ago when hui lynn and i entered the english language society singing competition. renee blogged about this already so if you want to read a more detailed version, click here.

yeah so that's hui lynn and i singing 'you can't stop the beat' from hairspray soundtrack. well even though we didn't win, we did our best. i can't believe i even had the courage to go up there and sing anyway. praise the Lord for everything.

oh and thanks to renee, ee lynn, xing yii, julia and everyone who voted for us! it means a lot =)

*i'm sick again...ish*

Thursday, June 26, 2008

a very windy windy day

sigh. the weather now is perfect for sleeping =) the wind blowing at my house is so strong until the swimming pool water dunno what it's doing looks freaky =/

effects of the strong wind

i was reading michelle's bloggie and i saw the 'creature'. yuck. then i remembered the video i took of the semi-alive lizard the other day when we went and ate durian. the lizard was still breathing. eek! oh and ignore the background noise =)

*hui lynn is going to BM for the orientation and leaving for Bangkok in 3 days time. Have a safe trip and don't forget us here!! will miss u *

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I am officially sick of numbers as of this morning.
Today I went for the National Mathematics Olimpiad competition. There were 4 of us, Hui Lynn (highest in add maths..don't play play!), Lien Tee and I (second highest last exams) and Nadzira (no, she's not the third highest). Third highest was Felicia but well as you know, we live in Malaysia, so Malays has to get a place in everything. So Felicia became reserved. Bleh.
So the competition was held at USM. We were supposed to reach at 9.45am because it started at 10am. Then, the scary part was Nadzira and I were in one building (the correct one, mind you) and Lien Tee and Hui Lynn was in another. And through the phone, Lien Tee was yelling at me that she was in the correct place and I was at the wrong place when I was already sitting in front of the papers beside Ms. Ho. Panic, panic. Luckily, they allowed 30 minutes grace period to enter the hall.
I didn't know how or when both of them came in because I was sitting quite in front. Okay, so I opened the papers. Dum, dum, dum. 1st question also quite hard already laaa..2nd question? worse. Some of the questions...
1. (1+2+3+4+.......+n) +k=202. k < n. Find k.
3. A cyclic quadrilateral has 4 angles A, B, C, D. A : B : C = 2007 : 2008 : 2009. Find angle B.
4. (2008)2 – (2007)2 + (2006)2 - .... + 22 - 12 . Find the value.
6. There are 5 positive integers a1, a2, a3, a4, a5.
  • a2 - a1 = a3 - a2 = a4 - a3 = a5 - a4 = 30
  • a1, a2, a3, a4, a5 are prime numbers.
  • a5 <150

Find the smallest possible value of a1.

These are the only 4 questions I'm quite sure I got the right answer. Out of 9 questions. =.= answers (that I got. not sure correct or not):
1. k=12

3. 90

4. 2 017 036

6. 7

If anyone knows how to do..tell me if your answers tally with mine? lol
The hall was so freaking cold and my hands were like ice. We had to sit in there for like 2 1/2 hours. Ms. Ho (our beloved add maths and maths teacher) was an invigilator. She kept standing beside us and it was so annoying. Oh yeah she nearly fell down the stairs. It was mean to laugh but it was really hard to stifle it ok! We were actually planning to go to the toilet and discuss the answers (the seniors taught us! lol) but they only allowed one person to go at a time. Sigh. So after I finished the paper, I drew DOODLES =) When Ms. Ho came and stood beside me, I'm pretty sure she was shaking her head. lol. I didn't know they were gonna collect back the rough paper. Bleh. Just hope they recycle the whole stack without looking at my doodles =/
It finished at 12.30pm. Ate lunch, bathed and rushed to accounts tuition. Half an hour late. And to see more NUMBERS. Argh!! Last week in accounts, I count until I fell sick. Hmm..numbers seem to be bad for me. =)

Friday, June 20, 2008

out of school =)

Today, I went to the Chemistry Department with the Science & Maths Society and got to skip Ms. Ho AND tweety bird's class! =) At 9.30 am, and after a very touching farewell from Renee, Ee Lynn, Nata and Hui Lynn, we were off! I know you guys missed us =P We missed you guys too. It was quite a boring trip really. When we reached, they gave us a briefing about what we were going to learn. I didn't really listen to everything they said, so here are pictures to tell the story.

Rachel and I in the bus

After the briefing, we were broken into two groups - Form 1 & 2 / Form 3 & 4. Our group went to the first lab. Um sorry I can't remember the name. But I know it test water and stuff =)

Some cool machine with bubbling stuff

A few more interesting looking apparatus

This one is used to test the pH of water
This one is the one I like the most. Um I dunno what it does but it looks really cool..

Parts of the cool apparatus

See, I told you it was cool =)

Our next destination

Hmm I think this thing test water
Some random flasks
Another machine
Yeah..when I saw this I sorta freaked out. What the heck is ARGONITE??
Above the door of the labThe next lab
A sample of all the permitted food colouring

Julia and Menakaa hands-onThe results of the test. On the right is tea powder with colouring = bad for health
Shark fins. Found out that this contains high level of mercury.

Yay another fancy gismo
They're testing some curry??
See the oil at the side? Yuck.

More cool stuff

OMG! Is Rachel paying attention??Ok ok. Look at this. It's really cool.
Zoomed in. Do you know what this is?Ok so you do what it says and...Voila! Water! This thing is actually to wash your eyes when it comes into contact with acid. Cool eh? The fourth lab we visited
The sinks there.
A cute looking flask. So round and fat! lol
This one's quite interesting also. It looks so complicated.

The final lab
Water to be tested
Doing experiment to find out the pollutants in the water
I like this sign. It's located beside the thing that washes the eyes. =)
Agar infected with e coli bacteria
Wakakaka. Red socks!! In the last lab we had to remove our shoes. And who's the owner of this pair of feet? Not gonna tell. Nyek nyek =)
Ok I just realised how unscientific I sound. Do you believe that I'm in science stream? lol. It's not my fault, ok? The people explaining are super boring and they speak in Malay. What the heck. We don't study our sciences in Malay anymore laa..So off I go to snap pictures =P And Pn. Choo was like asking all the lab people so many questions when she already knew the answers! She was like 'So BOD is related to COD right?' (um don't ask me what that means. I don't know either) to the person explaining, the person will nod and then she will proceed to answering her own questions. lol.
*thanks to renee for the camera!! muaxx! xD*

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


On my way home from drums just now, saw this really fat doggie. It's a miniature pincher, like Bruno! But it's just really really much fatter. I mean if you call Bruno fat, um then this dog is obese.

It was chained outside of the house. As in really outside - of the gate. On the pavement. Seriously, the owner's really mean.

Compare it to this miniature pincher. This doggie belongs to daniel's neighbour. Very cute also. But of course Bruno's cuter laaa =)

Bruno playing dead =/