Tuesday, April 21, 2009


April 21, 2008.
This blog started out with the url http://kudosmsceecee.blogspot.com with the title Kudos Ms CeeCee. I know (or at least I think) a lot of you are still wondering why I chose that title and url. But..I'm still not telling. Haha. After that, I changed my link to the current one which is http://life-the-way-it-is.blogspot.com due to certain reasons.

My blog title also faced a few changes from time to time, from Kudos Ms CeeCee to Multi-Personalitied Me! (after naming my blog that, I found out that there was no such word as 'personalitied') and then stop. relax. BREATHE to the current one, C is for Carmen.

It's amazing how my blog has evolved from when it started out as something to kill my boredom until now. As I reread my previous entries (Not all, mind you. Only scanning through), I realized that my style of writing has changed (for the bettter, I hope) and even the content has more substance now (or doesn't it?).

I know I hardly update anymore. No, I'm not going to give reasons like I'm busy or I have no time or I'm studying (hah!). It's more like I have nothing to blog about. Well, at least most of the things are not really worth blogging. It's not like my life is so un-happening (it's not that happening either but I have a life, okay?). I just think that not everything should be written for the entire world (or at least a small part of Penang Island) to read.

Let me just put it this way. My blog has grown-up, matured and learnt that keeping quiet when it has nothing to say is always the best. I know in the past, my blog was updated daily and sometimes even a few times a day, about the events of my life. Heck, my highest record for a month was 39 in May and there are only 31 days in that month. Now, it has slowed down to a minimum of 5 posts monthly (hey, April hasn't ended yet).

Maybe I've just lost my interest for blogging but really, I think it's best that my blog continues on the way it is (with maybe a little more updates but no promises!). I mean, now I realize that blurting out every bit of your personal life and ranting on and on in your blog is kinda immature (no offense to anyone). So, from now on, only good and worth while news will reach your eyes through this blog.

Anyway, I just uploaded all the headers I used from the birth of this blog until it's first birthday. =)

Oh yeah. Google gave me such a scare just now. I couldn't log in to my account even though I tried like at least 20 times! I almost gave up and thought that maybe my blog just wasn't meant to live to a year-old. Just thought I might share that with you guys.

Anyway, stay tuned to my blog all ye faithful readers! Haha.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Well, I couldn't stand looking at my calculator only half pretty. So, yeah. You guessed it. I designed something for the back as well. I know, I know. You think I have waaaay too much time to waste. But the thing is, I'm sort of a perfectionist. So how can you expect me to leave it half done? Anyway, here are the pictures!

Left view

Top view
Can you see what it is?

Front and back

I made the back a little less complicated so that it won't look so messy. Overall, I still like the front design better but the back is also nice in its own way. What do you think?

It took me longer to finish the back because of its complicated-ness. Haha. All those screws and the place to change battery. I had to make sure I didn't close it up. Hey, I'm not that bimbo to sticker everything up just to make it look nicer but in the end, I can't change the batteries anymore.

Kinda messed up the finishing for the back though. Argh. Now, little perfectionist me will keep smacking myself in the head for making such a stupid mistake. Ah well. What to do..what to do. Curiousity made me finish it, so curiousity will be the death of me. =X

Friday, April 10, 2009

When I have too much time in my hands...

...what do I do?

PIMP my calculator, of course!

Ok, before you go thinking that I went and bedazzled my entire calculator in pink or something like that, I will tell you that I'd feel insulted if you did. Do I look like I'm the kind of person who would? (answer me seriously)

Well, my idea of pretty-fying my calculator is more like this:

Left view

Right view

Close up
My trademark for my design

So what do you think? Pretty? No? Whatever you think, I still like it. Haha. For those of you who have no idea how an ordinary Casio fx-570MS scientific calculator looks like, I wondered how you survived high school. Anyway, just google it. I don't have a picture of my calculator pre-prettyfied.

The theme of my design is music, if you didn't notice. I'm still wondering if I should design my entire calculator. Right now, it's just the cover. My sis said I should, and I'm still on the fence. What if it turns out to look super messy? (Or maybe I'm just lazy. Heh) But hey, it took me at least two hours to finish it ok. Not an easy thing to do.

Anyone interested to hire me to pimp their calculator? Only RM10. For the materials and the time I spend, it's really an offer. Haha I'm just kidding. I shouldn't be wasting any more time doing (silly?) things like this. Midterm coming soon. Argh.

Hmm, I just realised that I haven't done a post with pictures in a long time. Just boring, boring words. Bleh. I should put my camera to better use again.

On another note, I really really wanna DRIVE! Why? I have no idea. Just the thought of being able to drive gives me the adrenalin rush. Why did I have to be born in August? Why? =/

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ain't no fools in April?

I still remember the days where we looked forward to the 1st of April each year. We counted the days at least a week before. We planned pranks to play on our friends. We woke up on that day, making sure we don't ever forget that it was April Fools' Day although somehow, we always manage to get pranked. Playing pranks, getting pranked. Those were the days.

Somewhere along the road, we grew out of April Fools' Day. It was just another day - ordinary. Well, of course there still are people who take this opportunity to fool others but the numbers are getting smaller year by year. A classic example would be class monitors, whom I think never fail to play a prank on the entire classroom every year. This year, 5 Arif's monitor, Jonie, successfully pranked us by telling us our Maths teacher left us homework even though she was absent. She got as far as getting us to open our textbooks, pencils ready in hand and even pestering her to hurry up in reading us the pages. Teachers would be another example who takes this chance to prank students by having a 'surprise' test.

Ah, feeling somewhat nostalgic already. So, that's all for today.
Happy April Fools' Day
Were you a fool today?