Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little grapes??

Has anyone of you ever seen LITTLE GRAPES??

And by little, I mean about pea-sized, one-tenth of a normal grape kind of little.

Well, I've never seen any in my 17 years and 7 days on this earth, at least, not until yesterday morning. And neither has my mom (who has lived waaaay longer than I have, obviously).

And so, when we saw it at the market yesterday, we decided to buy it (RM15 a box. Not sure if that's daylight robbery). It tastes kinda sweetish-sourish, nice to snack on (and healthy too!). Though, I'm quite sure it's genetically modified (GM) and it might have some negative effect bla bla. Argh, reminds me of Bio..

Anyway, the reason I'm blabbering here is of course, to show you pictures of the little grapes.

'Zante Current Table Grapes
You Can Eat A Whole Bunch! (Yes you can)
Little Grapes..BIG FUN!'

Yup, that is how small it is.

Cute, no? =)