Wednesday, December 31, 2008

hoi an

Spent 12 hours in a sleeping bus

Here's how it looks like
I don't think there's any here in Malaysia?
Not very comfortable but better than 12 hours in a car any day

Destination :

-Hoi An-

Ancient town
No motorcycles allowed
(they must be pushed when crossing the town)
Peace and serenity
Happy Carmen

Lazy to label the pictures ler
But I guess it's pretty obvious what they are right?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

nha trang iii

-Nha Trang III-

Day 3

Vinpearl Land

I was like super hyper on that day
I mean, after days and days of visiting historical places
Theme park day sounds absolutely inviting

But to my utter disappointment,
the theme park was like totally deserted
Rides (countable on two hands) not even running yet

The first one open
I can't remember the last time I sat on a carousel

Looks can be deceiving
Tak chi kek langsung!
Even the Flying Dragon in Genting is more thrilling

Cute zodiac-themed bumper cars
Pros : Easy to manoeuvre
Cons : Has a speed of a snail / Left-side driving

Wanted to ride this
But not open (like almost everything else in the park)

Performance by doggies

and monkeys
But I feel pitiful for them!

We visited yet another aquarium in the park

Starfish also can show middle finger
The water park
Looks big, doesn't it?
Well, yes it is.
not open lo

Yea I sat on the blue slide
Consequences : Neck pain / Back pain / Butt pain / Leg pain

Monday, December 29, 2008

nha trang ii

-Nha Trang II-

Where there's sea,
there're always islands!

Day 2

Island hopping day

Cable car to Vinpearl

See the pirate ship there?
That's the Aquarium

Fire away!

One fishy picture for you only

Lunch on the boat

Entertainment while dining
Check out the drums
Cool eh?

Floating bar
Free flow of red wine!
But I didn't drink ler..
Chun le the pic
Caught him mid air while he was jumping from on top the boat

The last island we stopped at

Up, up..

..and away!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

nha trang

After spending 4 days in the city,
we started traveling northwards.

In the Tan Son Nhat Domestic Airport,
although we reached an hour earlier
we got a last call to board our flight.
Embarassing much?
Apparently, my dad mixed up my sister's last name and mine on the tickets.
So we were stuck at the check-in counter for like an hour.

Anyway, half an hour of flying later
here we are.

-Nha Trang-

Much more quiet compared to the city
Though the majority of the vehicles are still bicycles and motorcycles

Day 1

City Tour in a taxi
First stop,
National Oceanographic Museum

I love Mr. Starfish
They're so cute

So chun it was coming out of the water

Seal also emo?

See this?
Cute lil puffer fish

Happily swimming away
Not knowing its fate..

Too late.

Freaky ain't it?
Preserved them fishes after they die

And there're like 1000 over of those there??

Bai Dai's Villas

Basically, this place is only for taking pictures.
So yeah, snap snap away!

The Yang Bay

Travelled 45 km to get here
1 hour through the kampungs in a taxi
But I guess it was worth it

Too bad the water was just too cold for a swim

Some catholic church we visited

Went to take a mud bath after that
Pictures not with me though

Day 2 in Nha Trang coming up