Thursday, July 2, 2009

Robots invaded Queensbay!

This post is a few days late but at least it's up now. I went to the Transformers exhibition in Queensbay on Sunday (not sure if it's still there now) and the number of robots there, WOW. It's like Queensbay got invaded by tiny versions of the robots itself!

This is only a very small part of what was on display

The Decepticons

One of the most chi-kek scenes in the movie!
For those of you who haven't watched yet, go watch it now!

Optimus Prime in action!
A job well done in recreating the scene.

One of the many Optimus Primes on display's me!
With Bumblebee!
Yup, I was lucky enough to hold it.
Oh, and don't bother about why I don't have a head in this picture.
Let's just say that my sister took a long time to snap the picture, Bumblebee moved, I freaked out 'cause I had no idea it could, she clicked and I looked totally weird.
So yeah, I cropped off my head. Haha.

This cover of Miley Cyrus' chart topping hit "The Climb" definitely gets prime placement in the list of the best YouTube covers as of late.

YouTube artist David Sides teamed with the self proclaimed "Most Popular R&B Group on YouTube, Ahmir, for the song that's quickly finding its way around the internet.

I think that it was amazing! Such an inspirational song sung wonderfully.

What do you think?