Monday, September 15, 2008

what's this?

do you know what this is??
it's a NUT!
yes it tastes almost like chestnut,
just not that nice.
it's rather fascinating really..
hahah, maybe you people have seen it before,
maybe i've been living under a rock for never seeing this nut before.
but it's so cool!

6 insights:

NXY said...

yaya I KNOW!! i vry long nvr see liao...i was vry young when i first saw it. it was scary for me!
it looks like a scary, black, demon BULL!! i nvr eat b4 cos it's too scary...

- ( ( - said...

LOL i didn't eat it also..but bruno ate it..well, at least he chewed on it until my mom threw it away =P

NXY said...

aiyo CARMEN AHH why you give bruno eat???
it looks so dangerous! =P
haha how sumore you know 'taste like chestnut but not tht nice' if you din eat

- ( ( - said...

hahah my mom gave him ler not me! *i'm innocent* =) erhx my mom told me it tasted like i just believe? lol

Anonymous said...

It looks more like Batman's symbol. xD

- ( ( - said...

lol..not bull meh?
BULLMAN!! ahahha

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