Saturday, September 13, 2008

food craves....

ohmigosh i've never eaten so much before on a saturday.
my stomach feels so weird.
it's like a bottomless pit today.
hmm..such a fascinating feeling. lol.
on a normal saturday, i won't eat breakfast. my lunch would vary but a good example would be pizza and my dinner would be either yogurt, bread, ice-cream or sometimes nothing.
and then today, i had a mega big bread for breakfast and for lunch i had a foot long subway and a chocolate cookie and some more bread. then for dinner, i had three ice-creams (but one cone? lol), roti boy and then large mcshaker fries for supper!
gosh i feel like such a pig now. and i'm now still hungry!
and just now, i had some yogurt drink after eating the fries.
after drinking almost the entire cup, guess what?
i read the expiry date..
OMG i nearly spit it out..
oh well, i just have to wait to see if my bottomless pit reacts.

2 insights:

NXY said...

carmen you got baby d ah???
hehehh jkjk dun angry !

- ( ( - said...

lol no la, i not so fast angry wan k..well i thought about that, but..u know, i've never done it?? hahah

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