Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All I Want for Christmas is...

..definitely not my two front teeth!

But you know what?
I had this weird dream
Where I could pick out 3 things that I want for Christmas
And if I really wished hard enough, I could have it all!

So, in the realm of my dreams...

In and out of stores I went,
So many things.. I WANT, I WANT!
But alas, there were only three
That could be for ME.
And so, my mind was made up
On this set of make up,

A pretty lil necklace was added to my list
Oh it brought me such joy and bliss!

Last but not least,
A soho bag to please
Me, me and ME!

But lo and behold,
When I awoke,
I went to my laptop
And got a shock!
For it was not a dream I had,
No, not at all!
Where you can get your wishlist if yours was the best,
From where may I get all these you ask
Why, none other than How2Shop, of course!

So I wished
and wished
and wished real hard
That I may get my wish list
Oh, pretty please?


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